Apr 13 2011


Now this is inspiring!! See what spring brings… last year I don’t think we even had anything planted yet. This is a new year and thanks to some new-found garden friends we were advised to plant early. Right after we planted we got snow… Justin & I worried that our efforts would be wasted. But Lorraine informed me that you always need an onion snow, right after you plant your onions you need a snow… and sure enough not long after that our peas started to pop & the onions are looking good too. How can this not inspire you… looks like we might need to find a pea-sheller. :) God is so cool, every time I walk by I just love to see how much they have grown… and sometimes I will even just go to the window to look at them. It must be love…

Jan 26 2011

A little Wednesday Inspiration…

I stepped out my front door to this amazing site today… frost covering everything and the sky was the most beautiful soft pink. I would love to hear and see what inspires you!

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you have an inspiring day!

Nov 3 2010

A little Wednesday Inspiration…

I took these pictures a few years ago, we were out walking around the farm in the fall. These colors, textures, trees, sky, old barns, my boys inspire me. They make me realize I need to get out and get inspired more often by God’s creation! Reminds me of this verse…

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19.1 {NIV}

Hope they inspire you today and I would love to know what inspires you… you can comment by clicking ‘say something’ right below this post.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by! — Britta

Britta burrus design.

old barn surrounded by fall colors and sky

Sep 15 2010

Decorating with Nature…

Justin and I were out on the farm in the jeep checking his trail cams. As we came across a field I said… ooohhhh, what are those? He said they are sumac berries… The way the sun caught them just right made them look like they were on fire. I asked him to stop and I picked a bunch to take home. I put them in an old coffee can and every time I go by them I just can’t help but smile. Not only are they beautiful, but it reminds me of so many walks with my mom and sister where we came home with our arms loaded with things from nature to decorate the house with. Sometimes we would have to drive back later… if it was rocks for the flowerbeds. :) Isn’t God just amazing… look at all the beautiful things He has created.

So, this is just a bit of inspiration to get you over the Wednesday hump… what have you found in nature that you have been able to use to add a little beautiful to your house?

Thanks for stopping by! –Britta

May 1 2010

get your own vagabond belt!

I just finished updating the website of vagabond photography. I recoded a bit of it to make it easier to update in the future, cleaned it up some and re-organized. Guess you could call it spring cleaning. Then for the fun part, I got to add more of her amazing pictures to the photography page and vagabond has reduced the prices of her belts!

Did you hear that? You can get your very own vagabond belt with reduced prices!! You’ll just have to check out her site for yourself and find your belt. A vagabond belt seems like a perfect gift for mom too, after all Mother’s day is just around the corner! If you don’t find that perfect one, you can always go for vagabond custom… contact her for more info photography@vagabondstyle.com. See some pics below and to get the whole story check out the site. { www.vagabondstyle.com }

Mar 31 2010

On a personal note…

So, yesterday I was at the local Dollar General store and they had a bunch of single roses for sale. The colors were so beautiful, spring is in the air and, really, how can you pass up a rose? I decided to buy one for Justin… who says the guy always has to buy the flowers or guess I should say flower? Of course I got him a pink one… his favorite color ;). Anyway… when I brought it home I was rummaging around for a vase and couldn’t find one for a single flower. Justin suggested one of the vintage pop bottles that we found on the farm. This one I found while we were shed hunting in the woods… we didn’t find any sheds, but nonetheless we did come home with a treasure. I put the single rose in the pop bottle and the result made me giddy. So giddy in fact that while I was doing a photoshoot for a client I went ahead and took a pic of it… I wanted to share it with you . See the pic below…

Thanks for stopping by and I hope it puts a little bright spot in your day too!

Mar 28 2009

Out with the old, In with the New!

Y = Justin as Master Carpenter, Electrician, Design & Layout Consultant; Jeremy (Justin’s Bro) as Design & Layout Consultant, Master Tiler, Vanity Refinisher & Venetian Plaster; Me as Design & Layout Consultant, Supervisor (haha, I loved my job… ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘I love that!’, ‘I don’t like that’; J & J might translate that a little differently that I do.); Branton as Master demolition man, Motivator (‘sob, sob, I just want my bathroom back’ – we had to go to the basement). AND we all did a little Burnishing.

DIY Bathroom Remodel :: See below for more pics!

DIY Bathroom Remodel :: See below for more pics!

We have been tuning into the DIY channel on a regular basis lately. Our budget didn’t quite meet the average cost of a bathroom renovation of $13,000 (and that is on the Do-It-Yourself network) , in fact we were far below this, partly due to the smallness of our bathroom, but also we had to get a little creative with some of our choices & of course the DIY aspect of it all. Our ‘little’ project grew in the process and we ran into some not so fun or expected issues like mold and a rotten floor. Good thing I have a Master Carpenter close by.

Things we learned…
1. It always takes longer and cost more than you plan for. Just be prepared & flexible.
2. We saved about $400 on an unfinished vanity that our Master Finisher, Jeremy stained for us.
3. We did spend a little more on a Shower door vs. Shower curtain, I was hesitant because they are harder to clean & I don’t always like the look of shower doors. BUT I had to show off the amazing tile work, we found a door that worked very well, the glass has a little bit of texture, but still shows off the tile very nicely.
4. Details – We kept all our fixtures and hardware the brushed nickel, Jeremy even found a vent to match.
5. Mirror – I found a decorative mirror for half off at Hobby-Lobby. Spent $65 instead of $130.
6. DIY – I know we saved a ton of money by doing it all ourselves, plus Jeremy! Thank God for family like him, we couldn’t have done this project without him! Glad he likes my cooking. :)

I still have a little blank wall space above the toilet and also on the wall across from it. I think I would like to put an ‘artsy’ cabinet above the toilet and probably some pics & towel holder on the other wall. Any ideas? I would love to hear about them.

Now that you met the team & got a little bit of the story enjoy the photojournalistic approach to our Bathroom Remodel. Just in case you were wondering, I actually kept my bathroom a little nicer than the ‘before’ pics show. As we started the demo part of our project we realized we didn’t take the ‘before’ pics. So, this was somewhat into the process, but it gives you an idea of how it was. :) Enjoy the show & be inspired.


Feb 28 2009

home decor on a budget.

Auctions are a big part of this area, back in Washington we had garage sales. In the Midwest you go to auctions. You can find some great deals if you are willing to stick around and wait til they get to the item(s) that catch your eye. Also, I have had some great finds at thrift & antique shops in the area. The challenge is to see the potential in a piece that may not be perfect as is, but can reach its potential with a few coats of paint.

The following pics are of some great finds I have had for my house… some ready as is and some took some paint and roughing up. It is a great way to save some cash and end up with some unique pieces to decorate your home.

Started burgundy: just needed several layers of paint & some roughing up

Started burgundy: just needed several layers of paint & some roughing up

Mirror Close Up

Mirror Close Up

Old Chest

An old chest my mother-n-law gave us that took a couple coats of paint and roughing up. We use it to hold our collection of movies.


A dresser my mother-n-law found for $2. Repainted, sanded edges, stained, & poly. The mirror was an as is find from an antique shop.

I hope you are inspired to find some of your own treasures in disguise. Then have fun & save a little money by repainting to go with your style! Enjoy!!